Auction Catalogs

JoomagCertificateEach auction catalog contains over 350 items with text descriptions and at least one image per item. The images needed to be optimized and prepared for print, as well as color balanced in a few instances. This was sometimes tricky because if the item was older and had a patina, I needed to know in order to preserve the original appearance. After working closely with the print shop to make sure the technical details were correct for print, the files were then optimized for digital output – an online version of the catalog via Joomag for which I am certified. Each of the covers below link to it’s online counterpart.

The skills and talents for these projects are: InDesign, Photoshop, Layout, Typography, Colorspace, Image Manipulation and Optimization for Output Source, Acrobat, Time Management.

  • Rafael Osona's Annual Auction Catalog 2017 Rafael Osona Annual Auction 2017

    2017 Cover
    Click to see entire online catalog

  • 2016 Cover

    2016 Spread 1

    2016 Spread 2

  • 2015 Cover

    2015 Spread 1

    2015 Spread 2

  • 2014 Cover

    2014 Spread 1

    2014 Spread 2

  • 2013 Cover

    2013 Spread 1

    2013 Spread 2


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